Drew Blank is an arter & writist with an undying love for all things geeky. From comic books to movies, Drew lives and breathes anything pop culture. His passion is in expressing his geekiness through art and writing.

As an arter, Drew has created HeroSquares & HorrorSquares, an outpouring of vibrantly visual brain goop that has resulted in hundreds of unique and original artistic designs.  Drew's work gives everyone the opportunity to express themselves in their home or workplace with fun and whimsical works of art that may or may not make the viewers eyes explode with joy!*

Drew also keeps busy as a writist, putting words together in an altogether different artistic style.  His first novel, MEMOIRS OF AN ANTIHERO has sold over 125,000 copies worldwide and continues to garner critical acclaim.  MEMOIRS OF AN ANTIHERO is available in physical editions that you can actually hold in your hand-parts or for digital download to read on technological doo-hickeys.  Drew also authored and illustrated a children's book titled ALDO TANNERS! WHERE ARE YOUR MANNERS?!, a hilariously fun romp following Aldo Tanners as he learns the importance of compassion, caring and overall politeness (there are also totally some adorable farts and burps in here) 



*HeroSquares.com is not responsible for  joy induced ocular combustion